“This was my first visit to a chiropractic office & I must say it was the best experience I have ever received in any doctor office visit.  The paperwork process was easy & the nurses & doctors are very professional & courteous.  I look forward to the next visit.”

– M.N., New Caney

“I am very pleased with my treatment at KW Chiropractic. The staff is very friendly and they have been extremely understanding and flexible with me and my demanding work shedule. After just a few sessions my lower back pain has dramatically decreased and my mobility has improved. I am very happy with my Chiroprator, he is very professional and personable. I look forward to each appointment and I am so glad to have relieve after months of seeing spinal surgeons with no relief.”

– C.H., Kingwood

“It was a wonderful place to come to and get my treatment. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. They made you feel at home and wanted to make sure everything was okay. I thank each and everyone that works there for there help and warm welcoming.”

– N.K.

Dear Dr. McComb,

In 2002, I had a series of 45 radiation treatments for prostate cancer, 5 per week for 9 weeks.  I made the decision to have the radiation, unfortuneatly, after having had the effects misrepresented to me.  It seems that the prostate cancer has been eliminated or cured, but the side effects were and have been devastating to my entire abdominal area, especially including the bladder, bowels and sexual organs.  I was told that along with killing the malignant cells, some normal cells also would be killed, but they would regenerate and grow back – – wrong!!  Many normal cells were killed, and they have not regenerated, leaving my systems handicapped and not functioning normally.

As I explained before you suggested a series of chiropractic adjustments, 3 per week for a month, I had been having serious problems with frequent episodes of night urination.  My need to urinate occurred at least 5 times per night, and most often 6-7 times per night, as well as 18-20 times per day (awake hours.)  Over the past 3 years, I was always tired, iritable and stressed because of never getting much rest at nights.  I went to several urologists and they prescribed numerous medications, none of which really helped.  One or two of the many prescriptions helped a little, but not much.  At 78 years of age, I was determined to find some other way.  I had quit drinking any liquids after 6:00 pm, but thatt had minimal effect on the problem.

Because I had good results with chiropractic adjustments in past years for other health problems, I decided to let you try to treat my excessive night urination.  The results have been truly amazing, and I would like others to know about this particular “cure” in effect for what has been a continuous problem for me.

In the past two weeks, I’ve had my sleep disturbed only once or twice per night to urinate.  You cannot imagine the relief I’ve experienced.  My “world” has become brighter and more worthwhile.

My profound thanks to you.  You have permission to use this letter as my testimony for the great improvement you’ve made in my life.  Perhaps others with urinary problems can also be helped without taking more chemicals into their bodies.


J.M., Spring

I originally brought my son, J., to KCA for  his migraine headaches (which he had been experiencing for approximately 3 years), but the other health benefits he has seen have been amazing.  He no longer takes daily medicine to prevent headaches, and the migraines are less frequent.  He had also been taking daily medicine for constipation, and he no longer takes this medication.  I hated the thought of my 9-year old being on medication for the rest of his life, so it has been such a relief that under the chiropractic care of Dr. Buchan, J. no longer needs to take the medicine for his headaches and constipation.  J. also suffers from bronchial spasms which Dr. Buchan treated as an asthma condition.  J. is a competitive swimmer, and he said he could breathe so much better this season since he started getting adjusted by Dr. Buchan.  J.’s posture has also improved tremendously.

Not only is Dr. Buchan a competent and caring chiropractor, he is a positive role model to J.  We are very fortunate to have him as a health expert in J.’s life.  I highly recommend Dr. Buchan to treat any child because I have seen the amazing difference he has made to my son’s health.

C.A., Kingwood

Hi Dr. Mccomb,

You blessed me with wonderful results.  I will never look down on Chiropractors again.  I have praised you to everyone and what wonderful results you gave me.  I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know.  Not only are you helpful in relieving pain, you are a wonderful doctor with a perfect bedside manner!  You made me feel like I was the only patient you had.

Thank you again,


“Dr. Kyle Buchan is an outstanding and professional Doctor of Chiropractic.  I have had dramatic improvement in my lower, as well as upper back.  I highly recommend Kingwood Chiropractic Associates as an alternative to and surgery.  Dr. Buchan is responsible for improvement in my physical, as well as mental wellbeing.  His entire staff is professional and helpful.”


“I was suffering from severe neck, head and shoulder pain, as well as chronic headaches.  This had been going on for 5 to 7 years.  It’s hard to take care of four kids and function when you wake up in pain and then spend the entire day trying to alleviate it.  I was referred by another chiro in Atascocita.  Dr. McComb is very good with patients, knowledgeable, and has a great bedside manner.  My pain is totally gone.  It’s crazy how much like a normal person I feel like.  I forgot how it felt to not have pain.”


“They are excellent; I always refer my friends to them……..They’re very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and do a great job every time.”